Money blogs: best money blogs for 2018

As we trundle into 2018, there are plenty of UK based money blogs for everyone to enjoy.  The best of these money blogs spray about fresh ideas on frugality and other life hacks to aid us all juggle our pennies more skillfully and grow our gold – assuming you have a little to put aside each month that is!

The sheer number of decent ‘amateur’ money bloggers is likely due to the ease and low cost at which websites can be set up and funded  as well as the financial challenges facing many of us this decade.

It is sometimes difficult to see the wood for the trees in this forest of armchair money bloggers and some are incredibly similar. I’ve decided to draw up a premier league of my favourite British money and lifestyle blogs. I’ve avoided the more professional type of money advice websites who employ armies of keyboard warriors fueled by cash bags so big they would turn me green with envy. I also have not been influenced by what anyone else thinks of a particular site. I’m focusing on the little people – hard working ordinary folk bashing out posts on top of their day jobs and making little or nothing from their blog posts, despite getting big traffic from time to time.

There is no particular rhyme or reason to how I have ordered my league. It’s purely the royal whim of King C. And of course I favour any fellow blogger who follows and/or likes me on Twitter and/or Facebook! Hope you enjoy my list, dear readers.

King Cashbags Premiership of BUM Blogs (Best UK money blogs): 


2. Frugal Cottage

3. Shoestring Cottage

4. The Money Whisperer

5. The Prosper Hub

There are also quality bloggers based outside the UK of course. Only fair to mention some of them too.

World Champions League of money blogs:

  1. Mr Money Mustache
  2. Kiwi and Keeweenaw 
  3. 99to1percent
  4. Ninja Budgeter
  5. Budgeting for the Rest of Us
Happy New Year 2018
Happy New Year 2018
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