Black Friday and Christmas shopping

With under a week to go before this year’s discount bonanza Black Friday,   I thought I would blog about shopping. Christmas is rapidly approaching and with prices high in relation to pay packets it looks as though more and more folk are adopting the cashbagger mindset. I am heartened to see this.

Luckily the mild Autumn temperatures have helped us save on heating bills so far at Castle Cashbags. As a result we should all be in a relatively healthy financial position heading into the festive season. The big news this Black Friday is that a certain German budget supermarket chain are piling into the Black Friday madness. This will be their debut in the bargain fest. I expect to find some excellent OBBs in the alcoholic beverages section.

I don’t get carried away by Black Friday and my Christmas wish is that everyone else can apply some restraint too. One of my over-worn catchphrases is only buy what you can afford. Nobody should feel the need to impress others simply from showing off the material things that they buy and use. Think very carefully how many electronic gadgets you really need in one home. The best television set in the world is not worth fighting over, that is for sure.

I do find myself wondering whether Black Friday, like the modern Halloween, is something that has sneaked across the Atlantic and which we wouldn’t particularly need or want if we really thought hard about them.

I will certainly not be rushing to buy anything I don’t really, really need or want. I would  never max out a credit card for anything. It is simply not worth it.  I have plenty grey hairs already.

As an alternative to the usual retailers, Queen Quidbags and I are big fans of the second hand goods sector. In fact, we have furnished Castle Cashbags with many items from the British Heart Foundation. Plus, money is going to a really good cause. That is much more in keeping with the Christmas festive spirit this time of year.

Santa Cashbags

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