Blog: King-sized disclaimer

This is a personal blog. The blog owner is neither a king nor royal in the literal sense. The blog owner does not own any corgis or swans and has no butlers, valets or footmen at his disposal as yet. It would be extremely foolhardy to link the off-the-cuff and barely proofed content on this blog with any monarchical system in the physical world.

All opinions and views in this blog are personal and solely those of the blog owner, no matter how daft. They do not represent the opinions or views of any persons, institutions or organisations that the owner may or may not be or have been associated with in any capacity. All opinions and views are not designed to offend any religious group, ethnicity, institution, organisation or individual.

All content on this blog is for solely for entertainment or information purposes. The blog owner takes no responsibility for the accuracy or usefulness of any information either on this site or at the end of any link from this site. The blog owner will not be liable for any incorrect information or for the ease of access to this information. The blog owner will not be liable for any losses, injuries or damages from the display or use of the information on this blog.

Any downloadable files or images are supplied at the user’s risk. The owner will not be liable for loss, injury or damage as a result of a corrupt or damaged file.

Comments are encouraged. Feel free to tell the owner he is bonkers and worse. However, the owner reserves the right to edit or delete any comment submitted to this blog without notice including comments containing spam or very offensive language or ideas. The owner is not responsible for the content in the comments section of the blog.

This disclaimer is subject to change at anytime at the whim of the blog owner.

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Frugality: Meet the frugal king

Hello. I’m King Cashbags and this is my blog. A big royal welcome to you. I’m generally a big fan of personal finance and frugal lifestyle blogs but am not the type who likes my frugality to be too hardcore. Mr Money Mustache is great/awesome/a badass but he is a little too extreme for me. And that American spelling of moustache jars a bit. I don’t like wasting much money and prefer to make a little extra easy money if I can. I still like the odd luxury now and then. Like most kings I try to live a good life while keeping control of my cash bags and maybe adding a few more bags to the pile. And one day soon I am sure that Queen Quidbags and I can stop going to the office because we need to and only go because we want to.

About the King

I’m middle aged monarch who does an office job in the UK by day, owns a car with no loan payments on it, pays off credit card spend every month, makes regular mortgage payments on two properties, receives rental income on one of them and who has a modest sum in cash and stocks and shares ISAs. I would definitely like to grow this with an eye on early retirement.

I live in Castle Cashbags with the wonderful Queen Quidbags and young Prince Pennybags. It is a modest three bedroom terraced castle with no moat. Our car is not a Rolls Royce or equivalent and simply gets us from A to B without breaking down.

My goal is a big enough crock of gold that in Castle Cashbags we work through choice not necessity. Still living like a king but with enough cash bags that I don’t have to worry about the day job.  Join me on my quest to live happily ever after.

King Cashbags

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