Flights – ways to get cheaper flights

Flights are not to be taken too regularly if you are serious about growing your gold fast. Not to mention that we should all be trying to save the world by reducing our carbon footprints as much as possible. However, I am a moderate frugalist and so recognise that there are times when we all want to enjoy life by jumping on a plane somewhere. Especially when Queen Quidbags needs some sunshine. Plus,  really like the whole experience of flying (airport security excluded).

So what is the best way to get a good deal on air tickets? Over the years I have found that it is by being as open minded and flexible with the times and dates of your travel as you can be. Play around with these enough and you can usually get a significantly better price. Consider departing and arriving at silly o’clock if feasible. Try to avoid Saturdays if you can. Not only is this likely to be the most expensive day, the airports and planes always seem to be packed with fellow travelers.

Do devote plenty of time for preparation before you actually book your tickets. I always use Google and Skyscanner to begin with. I then will look at other comparison sites based on what my initial search results turned up. Check the airlines’ own websites too. If it is an overseas airline, go to their website in their home country to check for better deals. You don’t necessarily have to go to the UK site.

Last minute bargains do not seem to exist so much any more. I guess this may be because many business people travel at short notice and this is where air companies can make good money. Try to book one or two months in advance if you can. This seems to work best for me. Hmmm, so where should I take Queen Quidbags and Prince Pennybags on holiday next?

Hope you enjoyed my blog about how I choose my royal money plane. If so you might also like to know how I choose the royal money train.

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