Property and how I invest: build a property empire

Property is one of my favourite ways to invest. There are several factors which make it a no-brainer for me when it comes to growing my gold.

Property prices can go up or down but in the long term always go up eventually. History is proof of this. So your property investment goes up in value plus you can rent it out and receive regular income as well.

Interest rates are still relatively low so decent mortgage deals still available. Bricks and mortar investment is attractive because it’s something concrete (pardon the mixed metaphor!), not an abstract concept.

Queen Cashbags and I bought our first property ten years ago. It was such a relief. Years before I had really hated handing hard earned money to a landlord who I perceived did very little, if anything. I had bad experiences with landlords as a student and later when I first worked in London. I try to be a considerate landlord as a result.

We were fortunate to be able to afford a mortgaged flat in the Home Counties. We chose the location because it was thirty minutes on a fast train to central London and five minutes walk from the station so ideal for commuters.

We bought the flat “off plan”, which basically means it did not exist when we bought it, we just had the plans of what the property would look like when built. We bought off plan because they were offering cash back on the purchase and we could customize the property how we wanted it. We chose awesome work tops, kitchen cabinets and special flooring.

We bought Castle Cashbags a couple of years ago. It is a charming Victorian terrace in the East Midlands with a pretty garden. Queen Quidbags favoured a period property, though I would have been happy with something modern for the right price!

We spent seven months looking at a variety of quirky cottages in chocolate-box villages around the East Midlands. We chose this area because it offered much better value for money and was still just about commutable to London.

We ended up buying a property in town because it was walking distance from the train station and so much nicer than the properties we had seen in the villages for the same price. We were also gazumped a few times on village properties, including a beautiful old place made of honey-coloured stone. In hindsight, it was probably for the best as that place needed an awful lot of work. There was a huge hole in one of the bedroom ceilings. I was gazumped right after I’d had a full building survey done, but managed to flog the report to the gazumper!

The rent from our flat covers the mortgages on both properties, which is a great position to be in. It’s really helping us grow our gold.

I strongly suggest you speak to an appropriately and properly qualified person before making investment decisions on property.

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