Train travel: the royal money train

The train. A noble form of transport ever since the first loco coughed and spluttered its way up the Darlington to Stockton line in 1825. But here in 2017, was ever a ground-based method of travel more over-priced? Settle back in your own throne, relax and let me share with you a way I’ve learned to live like a king without busting the royal budget.

I used to be one of those many ordinary folk who considered the season ticket the best option for saving a few quid. But I found it would seriously eat into my monthly pay packet. So I did some thinking.

I asked at the office if I could work from home one day a week. That got agreed. I did that for a while so people could see I was coping, could be trusted and was getting the work done. Then I asked if I could do two days from home per week. At that point it was time for a little growing of the old gold and living like royalty.

I searched and found advance single tickets to cover my journeys in and out on the three days I had to go into the smoke. To my kingly delight these six singles, when booked in advance, were less money than a weekly or monthly ticket. But wait – not only that. If I included my holidays, I would be saving money compared to an annual season ticket holder. But the best was yet to come.

I discovered that I could travel FIRST CLASS on the way back EVERY DAY for the SAME MONEY. Oh, and of course if the train is ever more than 30 minutes late don’t forget to claim money back from the train company. I find the best way to do this is online, using my phone to take a quick photo of the ticket.

All aboard the Cashbags Express, next stop Moneytown.

Money train

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