Frugality: The Cashbagger Mindset

I am not the type who likes non spending days. This is not the king’s style. As I have probably said before I do not like squandering money but on the other hand I am not sooooo extreme to try to wipe it out from as many of my days of the month a possible. What I do like are what I call OBBs (Opportunites to Bag a Bargain).

If I am out there spending, whether online or in store, I keep it modest. In this castle modesty is a virtue when applied to splashing cash. However, at the same time I want to think that I got the particular item or service for a good price. Ideally the best possible by my kingly standards. Therefore, I consistently devote bags time before a purchase for research.

This is usually online but could also involve seeking advice from friends, relatives and/or colleagues of me or Queen Quidbags. We might even ask Prince Pennybags for a view if it is anything remotely technical that we are thinking of parting with hard-won gold for. In fact, I am currently  working on finding the best option for a suitable tradesperson to visit Castle Cashbags for a boiler check/service. As I am sure you can imagine, Castle Cashbags can get cold in the winter, especially the dungeon. Dragons are expensive to feed so we rely on gas central heating.

I am also looking at an exciting (maybe even romantic) weekend trip away with Queen Quidbags very soon. Once I have found the best option on that I will make sure I pay via one of the excellent cash back sites that are around these days. On the rare occasions when I forget to buy stuff using cash back sites I feel genuinely gutted. For about five minutes. The King loves a bargain nearly as much as lovely Queen Quidbags.

Cash Grab

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Frugality: Meet the frugal king

Hello. I’m King Cashbags and this is my blog. A big royal welcome to you. I’m generally a big fan of personal finance and frugal lifestyle blogs but am not the type who likes my frugality to be too hardcore. Mr Money Mustache is great/awesome/a badass but he is a little too extreme for me. And that American spelling of moustache jars a bit. I don’t like wasting much money and prefer to make a little extra easy money if I can. I still like the odd luxury now and then. Like most kings I try to live a good life while keeping control of my cash bags and maybe adding a few more bags to the pile. And one day soon I am sure that Queen Quidbags and I can stop going to the office because we need to and only go because we want to.

About the King

I’m middle aged monarch who does an office job in the UK by day, owns a car with no loan payments on it, pays off credit card spend every month, makes regular mortgage payments on two properties, receives rental income on one of them and who has a modest sum in cash and stocks and shares ISAs. I would definitely like to grow this with an eye on early retirement.

I live in Castle Cashbags with the wonderful Queen Quidbags and young Prince Pennybags. It is a modest three bedroom terraced castle with no moat. Our car is not a Rolls Royce or equivalent and simply gets us from A to B without breaking down.

My goal is a big enough crock of gold that in Castle Cashbags we work through choice not necessity. Still living like a king but with enough cash bags that I don’t have to worry about the day job.  Join me on my quest to live happily ever after.

King Cashbags

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