Tree King: my favourite free leisure activity

I love trees. Long ago the land we now call Britain was covered in these babies. It was said that a squirrel could have traveled from Land’s End to John O’Groats without touching the floor. These days the percentage of forest land in Britain is one of the lowest in Europe. SAD!

Forests are such an important part of the environment. Not only do they suck in air pollutants and pump out oxygen, improving our air quality. They also absorb and store water, helping protect against both floods and drought. Forests also make you feel really good. The Japanese recognise the importance of spending time in forests, also known as taking “forest baths”.

Fortunately, there are still many national forests in the UK for us to enjoy. Queen Quidbags and I will often go for a nice long walk in the woods at the weekend. I’ve blogged about the financial and health benefits of walking before. In the forest these are magnified. We find it really helps bring down our stress levels. It also helps us stay in semi-decent shape. Sadly, we’ve not found a magic money tree on one of our walks yet!

Like the all the very best and most important things in life the forest experience is free.  Check out the Forestry Commission and Woodland Trust websites for woodland near you. The only charge you might incur would be for onsite parking, but you can often find free parking within walking distance. The Woodland Trust is a worthy conservation charity so I am happy to push a little cash their way.

You normally have to travel to the forest by car , which obviously costs in terms of fuel and wear and tear. I’ve previously blogged about my car musings. Interestingly, car sales dropped for the seventh consecutive month last month. I predict they will continue to fall which should decrease prices even further. So I won’t be rushing out to upgrade the royal motor just yet.

Enjoying free leisure time in the forest is one of the many small ways we slowly build our own magic money tree by living a frugal, healthy life concentrating on the things that are most important.

Magic money tree

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