Walking: Walk like the King to save money

Walk more. Walking is free and good for you.¬†As a result of the absurd cost of housing anywhere near my work place I have a hell of a commute. A few years back I used to take the train then underground or bus on top. I was spending too much on commuting costs. I was overweight too. King’s eat a lot, they particularly like burgers. But my belly was also getting me down and stopping me feeling like proper royalty. Then I had a revelation. Why not save money and get fit at the same time? A brace of pheasants with one big chunk of buckshot.

Bit much? No way. Even a bicycle has either capital/maintenance or rental costs. With walking all you are paying for is extra wear and tear on your shoes. And walking is a great form of exercise – gentle on your heart and joints and so much more dignified than jogging. Cycling is good exercise too of course, but it can be hazardous activity in a big city. Even if your riding is faultless, what about all those huge trucks and buses? Unless you are in a truly bike-friendly city like those of the Netherlands, it can spell danger.

Train fares are rising, but the cost of walking stays the same. Diddly squat. Gym fees are another issue. How many people can put their hand on their hearts and say they go often enough to justify the monthly gym fee? Walking is exercising for free. Not only that but you are outside in the open air not in a dimly-lit sweat box touching machines that carry the prints of countless other sticky fingers.

Rip up the travel tickets, bin the gym membership. One of the best investments you can make is a comfortable pair of shoes. Get walking.

Walking foot

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